Kingston-born photography pioneer Eadweard Muybridge will be celebrated at Kingston Museum this spring.

The “My Muybridge” exhibition will run from May 4 to 7, showing 24 Kingston artists’ responses to the museum’s collection of Muybridge’s work.

Seoyoung Kim, Curator at Kingston Museum, said: “This year presents an opportunity to work on the heritage offered by Muybridge's collection owned by the museum and the importance of its presence in Kingston. This is one of the most important collections at the museum.

“Kingston Museum aspires to be an art centre for the borough and beyond and we are very proud to once again display the work of professional local artists. The museum also offers a unique opportunity for artists to interact with the museum collections.”

Born Edward James Muggeridge in Kingston in 1830, Muybridge is renowned for his innovative work on animal locomotion during the 1870s and invention of the zoopraxiscope.

The photographer passed his personal collection to the newly built Kingston Museum upon his death in 1904.