The pond in Rosebery Park has now been completely repaired and partially rebuilt after its banks were in danger of collapse.

To celebrate, Friends of Rosebery Park met The Mayor, Councillor Liz Frost, this morning (April 12).

A couple of years ago it became apparent the edges of the pond were being seriously undermined and the banks were in danger of collapse.

Repair work began on January 4, 2018.

The Mayor said: “As specified by Lord Rosebery when he gave the land, the council is accountable to maintain this valued asset, and it is great that in this spirit the pond has now been expertly repaired and refurbished.

“I would like to thank everyone responsible for the work undertaken – it not only looks fantastic but stands ready for the next 100 years and for future generations to enjoy.”

It’s not the only thing to be overhauled, so is the diet of resident ducks and geese.

In the past, a few stale crust fed to the ducks was commonplace.

Now park rangers report people buying whole loaves of cheap bread to feed the ducks.

Why can't you feed ducks bread?

• ducks and geese need a varied diet to be healthy, bread doesn't have much nutritional value and fills ducks up so they don't forage for foods they would naturally eat, which can lead to malnutrition

• mouldy bread can cause aspergillosis in waterfowl, a lung condition that is contracted from inhaling fungi spores

• uneaten bread can encourage pests, such as rats

• a heavy carbohydrate diet creates excessive amounts of bird droppings which can reduce water quality, spreads disease and encourages the growth of harmful algae in the water

Suitable duck food, recommended by the RSPB:

• seedless grapes that have been cut in half

• cracked corn, oats and other grains

• peas or sweetcorn (fresh, tinned or defrosted)

• chopped lettuce

• diced cucumber

• Duck and swan food, available from local pet shops and on the internet