Weeks after the devastating break-in at Chessington and Hook United’s store room and the subsequent theft of a large amount of valuable equipment, a generous couple has come to the rescue.

The pair, who live in Chessington, found out about the break-in while reading the Surrey Comet article, and called club official Andy Ellis telling him they had “a couple of balls and cones”.

Mr Ellis said: “They read the story and rang me. It was a little more than a couple of balls and cones!”

There were four bags of balls, with heaps of other equipment, that Mr Ellis said will be of genuine help to the club.

He said: “I was over the moon. It will be great for next season, especially for the kids.”

From March: Large amount of new equipment stolen from Chessington and Hook FC store room​

And at the club’s recent away game against FC Deportivo Galicia, the hosts gave them a regulation match ball to use in games, adding to the two already donated by Chertsey Town.

Mr Ellis said: “Gestures from other small clubs like that are amazing. It really means a lot.”