The candidates for the local election in Kingston on May 3 have been named.

Thousands of voters will decide who they want to represent them at council on matters like planning, social care and bin collections.

Parties listed include the ruling Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, Labour, the Green Party, Ukip, the Monster Raving Loony Party and the newly formed Kingston Independent Residents Group.

The full list of candidates, by ward, is below.


Incumbent: Ian George, Chris Hayes, Richard Hudson (all Conservative)

  • Conservative Party: Christopher Hayes, Richard Hudson, Thomas Puddy
  • Liberal Democrats: Mark Benyon, Sam Foulder-Hughes, Sharron Sumner
  • Labour Party: Stephen Kearney, Robin Marsden


Incumbent: Sushila Abraham (Liberal Democrat), Mike Head, Andy Johnson-Creek (both Conservative)

  • Conservative Party: Claire Harding, Mike Head, Nicholas Rogers
  • Liberal Democrats: Sushila Abraham, Anita Schaper, John Sweeney
  • Labour Party: Rob Brownlie, Sarah-Jane Brownlie, Nannette Herbert
  • Kingston Independent Residents Group: Oliver Eakin
  • Green Party: Marley Robinson, Kate Whitmarsh, Peter Whitworth


Incumbent: Paul Bedforth, Raju Pandya, Terry Paton (all Conservative)

  • Conservative Party: Paul Bedforth, Raju Pandya, Terry Paton
  • Liberal Democrats: Mark Durrant, Jaesung Ha, Lesley Heap
  • Labour Party: Pat Dobson, Michelle Gordon, David Nelson
  • Kingston Independent Residents Group: Mary Clark, Frederick Corbett, Richard Hebbon
  • Green Party: Alex Cotton, Tariq Shabbeer, Chris Walker


Incumbent: Geoff Austin, Andrea Craig, David Glasspool (all Conservative)

  • Conservative Party: Andrea Craig, Khadija Rahman, Samuel Shethran
  • Liberal Democrats: Zain Abbas, Olivia Boult, Caroline Kerr
  • Labour Party: Clare Keogh, Chris Priest, Jean Sarhadar
  • Kingston Independent Residents Group: Caroline Shah Scott
  • Green Party: Mark Greaves, Joe Holder (lead candidate), Karen Lacey

Chessington North and Hook

Incumbent: Clive Chase (Liberal Democrat), Andrew Day (Conservative), Margaret Thompson (Liberal Democrat)

  • Conservative Party: Andrew Day, Phil Doyle, Verster Du Plessis,
  • Liberal Democrats: Steph Archer, Margaret Thompson, Sharon Young
  • Labour Party: Dave Cooper, Lawrence Green, Tom Prestwich
  • Green Party: Simon Jakeman (lead candidate), Des Kay, Kate Worley
  • Official Monster Raving Loony Party: Chinners Chinnery

Chessington South

Incumbent: Patricia Bamford, Shiraz Mirza, Rachel Reid (all Liberal Democrat)

  • Conservative Party: Simon Illsley, Andy Johnson-Creek, Sue Towner
  • Liberal Democrats: Patricia Bamford, Andreas Kirsch, Christine Stuart
  • Labour Party: Anna Cunnyngham, David Griffin, Tony Kearns
  • Ukip: Roger Glencross
  • Non-affiliated: Michael Basman

Coombe Hill

Incumbent: Rowena Bass, Eric Humphrey, Gaj Wallooppillai (all Conservative)

  • Conservative Party: Rowena Bass, Ed Fram, Ian George
  • Liberal Democrats: Saleem Arif, Lubna Maktari, Jack Moore
  • Labour Party: Sally Richardson, Paddy Cishani, Frank Wingate
  • Kingston Independent Residents Group: Helen Hinton
  • Green Party: Charlie Redman

Coombe Vale

Incumbent: Roy Arora, Julie Pickering, Cathy Roberts

  • Conservative Party: Roy Arora, Julie Pickering, Cathy Roberts
  • Liberal Democrats: Kim Natasha, Jimmy Kent, Munir Ravalia
  • Labour Party: Ryan Coley, Ian Parker, Gareth Thomas
  • Kingston Independent Residents Group: Patrick Wylde


Incumbent: Phil Doyle (Conservative), Rebekah Moll, Jon Tolley (both Liberal Democrat)

  • Conservative Party: Jamila Bibi-Sarwar, Catherine Harding, Phil Nuthall
  • Liberal Democrats: Fiona Boult, Rebekah Moll, Jon Tolley
  • Labour Party: Simon Ayre, Emma Francis, Laurie South
  • Kingston Independent Residents Group: Bob Tyler, Deepa Veneik
  • Green Party: Alison Hood, Fiona Johnson, Brian Mulley


Incumbent: Bill Brisbane (Liberal Democrat), Linsey Cottington, Sheila Griffin (both Labour)

  • Conservative Party: Allrik Birch, Graeme Ferrero, Penny Hughes
  • Liberal Democrats: Emily Davey, Dave Ryder-Mills, Olly Wehring
  • Labour Party: Phil Nevin, Linsey Cottington, Liz Meerabeau
  • Kingston Independent Residents Group: Kerry Giles
  • Green Party: Chris Amies, Martin Hall, Julia Stewart

Old Malden

Incumbent: Mary Clark (Kingston Independent Residents Group), Kevin Davis (Conservative), David Fraser (Kingston Independent Residents Group)

  • Conservative Party: Kevin Davis, Jason Hughes, Nicola Sheppard
  • Liberal Democrats: Dan Falchikov, Shazala Hayat, Ian McDonald
  • Labour Party: David Hill, George Pearson, Karen Templeton
  • Kingston Independent Residents Group: David Fraser, Mark Jenkins, Valerie Jenner

St James

Incumbent: Jack Cheetham, Priyen Patel, Ken Smith (all Conservative)

  • Conservative Party: Jack Cheetham, Caroline Kim, Ken Smith
  • Liberal Democrats: Tim Cobbett, Simon Edwards, Annette Wookey
  • Labour Party: Gerry Jones, Sarah O’Flynn, Alex Scales
  • Kingston Independent Residents Group: Yvonne Tracey
  • Ukip: Linda Holligan

St Marks

Incumbent: Liz Green, Diane White, Yogan Yoganathan (all Liberal Democrat)

  • Conservative Party: Calum Paton, John Peters, Ian Wilson
  • Liberal Democrats: Liz Green, Diane White, Yogan Yoganathan
  • Labour Party: Phil Austin, Kezia Coleman, Caoilte O’Connor
  • Green Party: Patrick Bernard, Patrick Goodacre, Kate Jones

Surbiton Hill

Incumbent: John Ayles, Hilary Gander, Malcolm Self (all Liberal Democrat)

  • Conservative Party: Lucky Kumpeson, Mimi Parsons, Colin Suckling
  • Liberal Democrats: Hillary Gander, Alison Holt, Malcolm Self
  • Labour Party: Johnnie Byrne, David Cottington, Max Freedman
  • Green Party: Michael Firth

Tolworth and Hook Rise

Incumbent: Tom Davies, Lorraine Dunstone, Thay Thayalan (all Liberal Democrat)

  • Conservative Party: Jay Ganesh, Sue Hudson, Adriana Sakelarova
  • Liberal Democrats: Lorraine Dunstone, Dennis Goodship, Thay Thayalan
  • Labour Party: Tony Banks, Judith Cowley, Greta Farian
  • Kingston Independent Residents Group: Mike Briggs


Incumbent: David Cunningham, Maria Netley, Hugh Scantlebury (all Conservative)

  • Conservative Party: David Cuningham, Maria Netley, Hugh Scantlebury
  • Liberal Democrats: James Ker-Lindsay, Katrina Lidbetter, Pim Piers
  • Labour Party: Jude Hurtado, Bob Smy, Oscar Thorpe
  • Green Party: Natalie Morgans, Carl Myhill, Sri Viswanatha