Six individuals are counting the cost after being fined for fly-tipping and littering in Ewell.

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council received complaints about an accumulation of waste in two roads off Kingston Road.

Having inspected and investigated the material, those responsible for contributing to the waste were fined more than £1,600 between them in March.

Councillor John Beckett, chairman of the Environment Committee said: “This council has weekly rubbish collections, we operate daily litter removal in our high traffic areas and we remove fly tips on public land typically within a few days of them being reported.

“Everyone has a legal duty of care to dispose of their waste responsibly.

“If people fail to take steps to ensure their waste is disposed of legitimately, and it’s later found in a fly tip, they could end up being prosecuted or fined.”

Councils now have the power to issue on-the-spot fines of between £150 and £400 for fly tipping, more serious fly tips are prosecuted through the courts.

Councillors stated that this year they want to see more enforcement around antisocial behaviour.

A series of proposals, which includes how the council addresses littering, will be debated at the strategy and resources committee on April 17.

“Subject to what is agreed on the 17 April, we are determined to proactively go after those who are deliberately blemishing this area,” said Cllr Beckett.

Fly tipping is defined as the illegal dumping of waste on any street, road, alleyway or park - without the landowner’s permission and with no intention of having it cleared.

A fly tip can range from a few black bags and loose materials next to a tree or bin, to larger items such as fridges, mattresses, builders' rubble and tyres.

It is a criminal offence which can result in a significant fine or imprisonment, prosecution and a criminal record.