We’d like to tell you about how well our websites have been doing.

Our nine websites covering south London and Surrey had a combined audience of 1.43m during March, which was nearly 90,000 higher than the previous month.

As well as increasing month-to-month, some of our sites recorded very healthy annual growth from the same month last year.

Among the highlights were the Richmond & Twickenham Times which jumped by 21 per cent and the Croydon Guardian which had a 15 per cent year-on-year increase.

The number of users on the Sutton and Epsom Guardians also rose from March 2017.

In attracting more visitors, our sites are a great platform for advertisers looking to reach and influence large and highly engaged local audiences.

Our specialists are ready and waiting to give you all the advice you need on the various digital media and marketing options available that can take you to the next level with growing your business and reaching potential new customers.

We can provide a very strong consolidated offering that harnesses not just the power of our websites but also our newspapers and sizeable social media following.

With our help, you’ll reach more potential local customers, generate more sales and get the edge over your competitors.

For a chat and more information don’t hesitate to contact Emma Sallabanks on 0208 722 6452 who will be happy to discuss your digital media and marketing options.