Epsom's first international film festival is launching this year.

Satisfied Eye International Film Festival (SEIFF) already has hundreds of submissions from filmmakers representing 30 countries.

The three-day festival will take place in October in the Epsom Playhouse and will be open to anyone who wishes to attend.

Multi award-winning writer and film director Chris Hastings, who lives in Epsom, is the festival’s artistic director and wants local film buffs to join the panel.

He said: “We’re looking for real film enthusiasts of all ages.

“Applicants need to have a broad love of film and a fair amount of free time.

“There will be hundreds of new films to watch, including feature-length and short fiction, animation, and documentaries.”

The judging panel is made up by Oscar, BAFTA and Emmy award winners who have worked on films and TV series such as Interstellar, Star Wars, Thor, and Game of Thrones.

The ten locals invited to join will be responsible for deciding the SEIFF People’s Choice Award.

All the films being judged will have been completed in 2017 or 2018 and will not yet have been screened in local cinemas or on TV networks.

Judges will be able to watch the films in their own time via a password-protected internet channel and will be able to award points and write comments that will only be seen by festival organisers.

Judges will also receive full festival passes, and VIP invitations to the closing ceremony and a private event for award winners and jury.

Mr Hastings said: “We’re already joining up with local people and businesses to turn the festival into a truly global, world-renowned event.

“We’ll be promoting it to millions of people, throughout Surrey, London, across the UK, at Cannes and internationally.

“We’ve got some very exciting things scheduled and a few big surprises. The festival will be a celebratory, inclusive and fun event with something for everyone.”

Also attending will be some of the best up-and-coming filmmakers around the world who will take part in Q&A panels and workshops and a range of fun events for families and children.

Awards go for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Woman Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, and a special trophy for the best film submitted by a Surrey-based filmmaker.

Those interested in applying to become a member of the festival jury for the SEIFF People’s Choice award should go to www.SEIFF.shp.media and click the APPLY tab in the menu.