A Ewell man claims to have invented a cure for baldness.

Anthony Smith, 80, from Elmwood Drive, said he is “very fit and agile” but nonetheless, like a lot of men, he suffered from hair loss as he aged.

Mr Smith described his cure as “sensational”.

“That hair there at the front – I didn’t have any coming through at all before.

“You can see very, very fine follicles coming through; I’m very optimistic that one day I shall have a full head of hair.

“You might not be able to see it in a photo. It’s like baby hair, but it’s very strong.”

Mr Smith said his formula is top-secret but contains many “natural” ingredients and he invented it following trial and error.

He said: “I have been experimenting for many years and I try something for three months and if it doesn’t work I try something else.”

Following his discovery, Mr Smith hopes to sell his secret recipe so men can restore their hair without resorting to shelling out thousands on hair transplant surgery.

He said: “Men have been looking for hair restorer for how many years? This is the sort of thing if a firm got hold of it they could make a fortune.”

The hobby was cultivated from Mr Smith’s days of working in a lab for North Thames Gas. Although he wasn’t a chemist himself he “got an interest” in the process of experimentation.

After he took voluntary retirement 1994, he spent more time gardening and working on his formula.

Expecting incredulity towards his bald-faced statements, Mr Smith said anyone who doubts him should be able to see the results for themselves.

He said: “As I say, if you were to see my hair you would see how I can claim that it’s working.”

“It’s the miracle solution for baldness, pardon the pun.”