Kingston is the backdrop to some of the most heartbreaking scenes in ITV's upcoming new show.

'Trauma', a three-part drama, centres on how a family deals with the loss of a child.

Just one of the "remarkable locations" used in the show just happens to be the Kingston Recreation Ground.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for many of the boroughs that hosted the filming, including Kingston, and said each location worked to "highlight the emotional drama" of the show.

“John Simm as the bereaved father, and Albie Marber as his dead son filmed some of the most haunting scenes in Kingston," he said.

"We see John Simm walking alone through Kingston's Fairfield Recreation Ground, recalling times he has spent there in the past with his son. "These flashback scenes are heartbreaking.

"They were filmed in a day in July last year, with 35 cast and crew. The actors were filmed walking along the treelined path and messing about around the playground area."

The series begins on February 12,