A bar in Hampton Wick is applying to extend its opening hours - to the dismay of some nearby residents.

Falmo, a cocktail bar in the High Street, is applying to extend sales of alcohol, live music and opening hours.

The bar’s opening hours are currently from 4pm to 11pm Tuesday to Thursday and 4pm to midnight Friday to Saturday.

Falmo is applying to open from Sunday to Wednesday until 11.30pm, Thursday until 12.30am, and Friday and Saturday until 1am.

Some neighbours have objected to the application, describing the venue as a “nuisance” that “causes stress and disruption to the community”.

One said: “It was a huge relief for many residents when Falmo ceased trading a few weeks ago.

“Residents could finally sleep.”

Another said: “People above and around these venues cannot sleep and have to work the next days.

“No one can open windows on hot nights.”

Others were concerned with anti-social behaviour on their doorstep and claimed the notice to alert residents about the move, which gives people a chance to submit comments, was put up “15 days after the date shown” in July.

Comment of support have also been submitted, with one person, who lives above Falmo, saying they “have never experienced any disturbing noise or trouble” from the bar.

They said: “Even when the door is briefly opened on a late DJ night, we are not disturbed.

“The noise/commotion that we hear is actually from other venues on the High Street, that are further away from us than Falmo is, or from passing vehicles on the main road.

“The owners are extremely respectful of the neighbourhood and I haven’t seen a business so on top of their commitment to being responsible in that respect; they are tidy, warn customers of last orders and when it’s time to leave.”

Another, who also lives above the bar, described the owners as “very conscientious” of opening hours, said they “barely hear the music” and that the venue is a “great addition to the High Street”.

The application will be decided at a Richmond Council licensing sub-committee next week on Thursday, February 15.