Controversial plans to completely redevelop Canbury Business Park have been withdrawn by developer CNM Estates.

The proposals included a 14-storey tower block of offices, flats and a medical centre, as well as a seven-story building comprising offices and flats.

But the application was withdrawn on February 7, so the developer can “work through the present issues and find a positive way forward”.

Ward councillor Andrea Craig said: “Personally I would have liked to see the application rejected.

“But I am pleased to see the application has been withdrawn. That is the result of a lot of hard work in the community.”

Kingston Council, in its response to the withdrawal, listed a series of its concerns over the plans.

The letter included references to “concerns about the quality” of the proposed homes, “poor and convoluted access to the flats”, a “lack of generosity” in space between buildings, “confused” architecture and “unwarranted and unjustified” heights of buildings with a “failure to relate to the existing townscape”.

It also said there was “little to no recognition of listed buildings or their setting/significance”.

There were also concerns locally in November 2017 about the future of Educare Small School, which exists on the site – but CNM said it would amend the scheme to build around the school, should the owner not want to sell.

Cllr Craig said: “This probably isn’t the end of the story. That site probably will be redeveloped, but it’s important that developers are aware that the community locally won’t just accept development at any cost.

“We have to have an eye on the future, and I would like the opportunity to work with my residents to come up with what we think is acceptable, and ideally to work with the developers.”

She pointed to the example of the Queenshurst housing development, by Berkeley Homes, when the developer positively engaged with the local steering group.

“We set up the group to sensibly look at what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable to the community. What happened is that the developer actually improved their standing with local people; it was really constructive,” she said.