A new branch of the phenomenally successful Armed Forces Breakfast Club is launching in Epsom this month – and old faithful Wetherspoons is the venue.

Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Clubs were started in Hull, with the first one – Barker’s Breakfast Club – set-up in a garage.

The cosy environment of Spoons' The Assembly Rooms in Epsom High Street and its full-range of English breakfasts will be used for the weekly Epsom meet-ups.

Organiser John Williams, himself an ex-serviceman, said: “It’s all about support, returning to the tribe, getting the feeling of being in the mess hall again.

“Service people have a different mindset and it’s like an extended family.

“I hadn’t seen one of my old friends for forty years, but we bumped into other and it was like nothing had changed.”

In preparation, John has been in touch with organisers around Surrey, so far around 15 of the 200 that operate in Surrey, but he would still like current or ex members of the army, air force and navy to get in touch and come along.

He added: “I have spent a lot of time in different clubs and they all have the same set-up. It’s a first point of contact for any support they may need, whether it is mental or physical.

“We can have a good time and talk about the old days, anything really, it’s a lot of fun.”

The first ever Epsom Armed Forces Breakfast Club will be on Sunday, February 25, at 9.30am.

If interested, email John Williams at johnwilliams990@msn.com

The Epsom branch’s page on the Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club website can be found here