Browsing the archives for inspiration over the sleepy Christmas period (why was no-one else back at work on December 27?) we discovered this bit of nostalgia from Surrey Comet’s New Year edition in 2003.

These five New Malden shoppers shared their best moments about 2002, a year that saw in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, NASA's Mars Odyssey probe mapping the surface of Mars, and England defeating arch-rivals Argentina in the FIFA World Cup.

For those who don’t enjoy squinting at small print shoddily converted to digital via a camera phone, below is what they had to say (hopefully) somewhat clearer.

Brian MacDonald, then 80, from New Malden, said: “My best moment of the year was making a big win betting on the horses. I bet on four horses in June and won quite a bit of money.”

Alison Chandler, who was 24, from West Clandon, said: “My best moments would have to be getting my new job at the health club in April and moving into my new home at the end of October. I moved from Surbiton to West Clandon.”

Shaun Jones, 40 at the time, from Ottershaw near Chertsey, said: “Going to see the panto last Sunday was one of the best moments of the year. I went with my wife and five-year-old daughter. It starred Julian Clary and so it went over the kids’ heads. But I enjoyed it.”

Jess Collard, then 27, from East Grinstead, said: “I can’t really think of a best moment apart from at the moment looking forward to New Year’s eve and the new year. It’s the same every year.”

Corrie Bryant, who was 33, from New Malden, said: “My holiday in Malta was probably the best moment of the year so far. We went with the family over the summer, and we visited my dad who lives over there.”

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