I’m not sure exactly what I played in my school nativity. It may have been Little Bo Peep I think? I tried to wrack my brain last night and I do have recollections of being a star and also a narrator, but these could have been in any primary school play growing up. What I do remember is being slightly nervous and overwhelmed that lots of mummies and daddies were coming to watch me and my classmates dress up in costumes most of us didn’t want to wear and have project lines hopefully in the right place!

If you’d have told me way back then that one day I’d be one of those mummies, I wouldn’t have believed it, especially, when you’re that age, anything over twenty is OLD! Well this week, Michael and I had two nativity plays to go and watch, and both times our hearts swelled with pride and it was quite emotional. School nativity plays have come a long way since we were young, having to adapt to our changing society and acceptance of other faiths. So, this week we had a grumpy sheep not wanting to go to the stable, wise men on quiz shows proving they were actually very clever and lots of clever gags relating to popular culture. The stories were great and a huge shout out to the writers who keep these nativity scripts current and relevant!

Our little ones were so pleased we came to see them and weren’t nervous at all, water off a duck’s back as the saying goes. What was strange was seeing my children be so grown up and made me feel so insanely grateful to have them enhance my life with memories that I was able to experience this week. Well we can safely say that Christmas is on it’s way and I’d better be quick with sorting out the last few bits I need to get. I just love this time of year!