There were ten burglaries reported in Elmbridge last weekend (December 2 to 3), prompting a “covert” operation by Surrey Police.

There has been at least one incident of aggravated burglary, including one where the culprits invaded a home when the owners were there and stole jewellery and money.

Some of the targeted streets include Merton Way, Molesham Way, Second Close and Weston Avenue in West Molesey.

There have also been reports of break-ins in Walton, Cobham and Weybridge. 

Along with the ten over the weekend, police confirmed to the Surrey Comet there were at least four more in the past week.

Although there was a similar surge last year, this number is an increase on the usual figures, which is about 80 burglaries per month.  

Residents have created a “burglary thread” on Facebook to warn each other about where the burglars have struck, with some voicing concerns about the “lack of police presence” in Elmbridge.

Temporary inspector Greg Turner, of Elmbridge Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We can confirm we received reports of ten burglaries in that time frame and this is an increase on our usual figures.

“Extra patrols, in both a covert and overt capacity have been deployed to the affected areas, and as is always the case, we urge residents to report suspicious behaviour via 101, or 999 in an emergency.

“Traditionally, we tend to see increases on the darker nights.

“The peak times are between 4pm and 9pm and most properties have been targeted via the rear, with cash, jewellery and small items targeted.

“We always recommend that residents ensure their security is appropriate and proportionate and there is information on our website which offers general advice and we also have specialist staff who offer bespoke advice.”

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