Award-winning Surrey-born comedienne Tamar Broadbent’s debut play hits Leatherhead Theatre for one night only this Friday (December 8).

Tamar grew up in Ashtead, and attended youth drama at the Leatherhead Theatre.

Now a professional comedian, actor and writer, she is thrilled to be bringing Split, co-written and performed with Emma Pritchard, back home to her local theatre.

“Split was inspired by a joint realisation that so much of who we are now was defined by what we experienced as teenage girls," said Tamar and Emma.

"Discovering sex (sort of), watching our bodies change before our eyes and, above all, the rollercoaster ride that comes with young female friendship. That intense, all-consuming first love that was both completely golden… and shattering.”

Spanning five years and set to a millennium soundtrack, Split plunges you into a world of nostalgia as it brings to life the pages of your diary you hoped your mum would never find.

Split has received rave reviews, including being described as "something really special" by Female Arts.

It is showing at Leatherhead Theatre on December 8 at 9pm.