When I was young, I was never good at keeping a journal like they do in the books. I just didn’t have the knack to ever keep things brief and I also was petrified my mother would find it. It wasn’t because I was naughty as such, but because she was so strict, I was afraid she wouldn’t even like my ‘thoughts’. Hence why most of my formative years are a bit of a blur as I can’t remember much at all, but now that I have children of my own, memories seem to be flooding back constantly. Whenever they do something or speak to me, it seems to trigger a dormant part of my brain and I can clearly see my young self.

This week this very thing happened again. My eldest came home saying he wanted to end child poverty and at school, his class were taking part in a sponsored run to raise money for the charity. It was fascinating to hear him speak so emphatically about the cause and show a willingness to take part. When I was young, I was often participating in sponsored walks and even silences (the hardest one if truth be told) and since then, over the years I’ve taken part in half marathons, adventures and challenges and even though it can be difficult, have enjoyed the aspect that you are doing something to benefit another.

So, a couple of evenings ago, we had a trial sponsored silence for eight minutes sitting at the table when I explained that’s what I did as a child – it was impossible for all of us and agreed the sponsored run was a better idea! Last night we knocked on some of our neighbour’s doors to see if they would pledge some money and it was great to see my little one talk about what he wanted to do – I was so proud. Today is the big day and I know he’ll complete his lap of the sports field and feel great about the achievement. Let’s hope one day all children all over the world will have the opportunities and happiness they rightly deserve.