Winter Wonderland is back once again until New Year's Day, and thousands of people are descending on Hyde Park to get into the festive spirit.

We took a trip down to see what's in store and given you seven reasons why Winter Wonderland makes the world a better place.

In no particular order, this is what we think.

Surrey Comet:

The Haunted House. Photo: Asa Skinner

1) Still in the Halloween spirit? The Haunted House is one for you

Halloween tends to get people to pull out all the stops, with a range of highly detailed creations and for some it does not end on October 31. If you're still in the spooky spirit, then the Haunted House is for you. Not only is there a grim reaper playing a violin in a Santa Claus costume, and a skeleton attempting to climb a rope, but there are some interestingly hidden frights inside that are worth visiting.

2) One of Winter Wonderland’s biggest attractions, Wilde Maus XXL is a thrilling adventure

It's too big to miss, Wilde Maus XXL - as the name implies - is a huge attraction. For those looking to get their adrenaline going, the Xmas Maus Coaster is difficult to ignore. Our advice is to eat after you have tried it, though.

Surrey Comet:

Winter Wonderland's ice rink

3) Did somebody say ‘ice rink’?

What Winter Wonderland is complete without an ice rink? None, in our opinion. You can get on your skates once again and enjoy a session on ice with your friends and family. Located at the corner of the park, near to the Victoria, Green Park and Knightsbridge train stations, it’s on the list of many visitors before they have even arrived.

4) You can take a uniquely scenic view of Hyde Park with the Viewing Tower

At a glance, it looks like one of those rides you plunge down from at a great height. But thankfully for those who would rather take in the sights of Winter Wonderland, it's a gently spinning vantage point over Hyde Park. If you want to see what Winter Wonderland is like from above, then this is the best way to do it.

Surrey Comet:

Bavarian Village

5) A great big German-themed village

There are several German-themed stalls and events around Winter Wonderland, but Bavarian Village is the largest of them all. With a giant 'stached man at one corner of the park, you can order a selection of German-inspired foods and dishes. From Bratwurst, to sausages, to beer, there's quite a lot to choose from.

6) Cinderella on Ice, the Magical Ice Kingdom and more...

All these are pre-bookable attractions that are worth going to, and if you want something that's fun for everyone in your group then there will likely be something for everyone. Whether it's Bar Ice, Cirque Berserk or the Sooty Christmas Show, there is definitely some fun to be had.

Surrey Comet:

Santa's Sweet Factory. Photo: Asa Skinner

7) If you want a souvenir then perhaps the Christmas Market is worth visting

Want to get something early before Christmas? The rows of shops in markets on either side of Hyde Park have a range of items available which may satisfy your curiosity.

Jewellery, souvenirs and knick-knacks are all available from a range of unique retailers that you perhaps have never seen before.

The mini-Christmas market is worth having a window shop in.

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park opens today (November 17) at 5pm and runs to January 1 next year.