I’ve woken up this morning and opened the curtains to a sea of mist. It felt quite eerie but very atmospheric as the world started to stir and another day started getting into motion. My first initial thoughts were that winter is creeping up on us, or should I say, is already here. I don’t mind it though as I love the winter months which brings us ever closer to the festive season and I take no offense when I see tinsel town everywhere I turn in Kingston Town Centre. Some people like to be extra ready when it comes to Christmas and I’ve already received my first Christmas gift….I know! But when it comes to winter, what I do object to is being cold. Since a child I’ve liked to wrap up warm and feel cosy, and now that I’ve won the battle to put the heating on, things are a lot rosier in The Underwood household! I really do must have bad circulation.

To counterbalance this problem, I’ve decided to take action and have located from dark and dingy storage places in my house, all my warm clothes and jumpers, my winter tights and thermals and even been out and bought myself a few woolly hats. Gone are all the summer bits of attire to be stored away until the sun will shine upon us once more. The other day, I also popped in to Holland and Barratt and stocked up on some cold remedies just in case as I’m starting to feel a little under the weather – nothing that a few early nights and hearty meals won’t put at bay. And logs for the fire have been purchased and twinkly lights set up to make the early dark evenings seem that little bit more unnoticeable. So, we are all set and ready to go. Bring on the frost!