A cat killer who is said to have taken the lives of more than 400 animals across London and the UK is believed to have struck in Chessington.

A cat was found mutilated on a neighbour’s front garden, and was said to have died from "signature injuries."

A reward of £10,000 for information relating to the capture and prosecution of the killer, known as "The UK Animal Killer," is being advertised by South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL).

SNARL co-founder Tony Jenkins said the cat was last seen at around 10pm last Thursday night.

He said: “The killer leaves signature injuries, the display of the bodies is his form of boasting.

“The suspect was formerly known as the Croydon Cat Killer, but is now referred to as the UK Animal Killer. There are identical injuries across the country.

“If it is more than one man then it is likely joint venture rather than copycat in nature.”

Similar gruesome deaths have occurred over the past week in north-west London and west Sussex, including a mutilated swan in Milton Keynes.

On October 17 a decapitated fox was found in Mellows Park, Wallington, with its head pointing towards a children’s play area.

Meanwhile, owners are being urged to keep pets inside after dark as most attacks occur at night.

A description of the suspect was published on the Snarl website, on which he was described as a white man in his 40s with short brown hair, dressed in dark clothing, possibly with acne scarring to his face.

Anyone who sees the man is advised to call 999 and quote Operation Takahe, but not to approach him.

Croydon and Surrey Police started the operation to find the suspect behind the animal killings, which have been occurring for over two years.

Investigations are also being carried out by the NSPCC and Snarl, including autopsy and DNA testing.