A Kingston councillor has called on the authority to improve the disabled parking spaces in Fife Road.

Councillor Linsey Cottington said there are no drop curbs on the street, except on either end, making it difficult for disabled people to get in and out of their vehicles with ease.

She added that a bike lane is “dangerous close” to the passenger side of the parked cars, which could “lead to conflict” with cyclists.

Cllr Cottington said: “If we are really serious about inclusivity, we really need to think through the implications of any services we provide.

“These bays are welcome, but if not implemented properly could lead to more problems for people with disabilities.

“We have had some complaints about their positioning.”

Cllr Cottington wrote to the senior highways engineer in environmental services about the “failings of the current scheme”, which was set up when the bays were moved from Memorial Square.

In the letter she said: “It has been reported to me that not having any dropped kerb along the whole of this stretch means it is very difficult for people who have walking difficulties or who use a wheelchair.

“The guidance from Government says there should always be either dropped kerbs or raised crossings at parking bays or crossing areas, the users have to get to the bottom of Fife Road, while walking or wheeling in a bike lane, before they can access the pavement.

“The guidance suggest a dropped kerb every 100 metres.”

Cllr Cottington added: “There are no markings between the bays and this can sometimes lead to problems of unloading wheelchairs if cars park too close together.”

Cllr Phil Doyle, cabinet member with responsibility for environment at Kingston Council said: “We have reviewed the disabled parking bays in Fife Road and are content with the existing design.

“However, we appreciate that this section of the road could benefit from a dropped kerb and as a result, we are planning to install one in the near future.”

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