Fact is, I’m cold. Freezing to be honest. I’m walking around my house with so many layers on I feel like Michelin man and earlier, I even rummaged round to find my trusty leg warmers that I bought from a 60’s store whilst I still work on Children’s BBC many moons ago. It seems like overnight the chill has crept in on us, and I’m simply just not ready for it. I mean take yesterday for example, I walked out of the house with blue skies and a few rays of sunshine, only to find myself caught out later in the day wishing I had my woolly hat and scarf on. So, can we now officially say that summer is over? Well to be honest, we didn’t really have a summer but that’s life I guess, and we must gracefully move towards winter.

So, when is it socially acceptable to start talking about putting the heating on? I’m guessing every household (except a few), have the same conversation at about the same time every year. It’s a tedious debate in our house, as my husband is warm blooded and I’m not. So last week, I couldn’t take it anymore and dared to press the timer to ON! The first few hours nothing was noticed as it does take a bit of time to heat up a frosty cold house, but as soon as temperatures reached 18 degrees, Michael was on the war path. “Who turned on the heating?” he yelped! That question was so annoying because who else would have put it on? I mean, come on! Luckily, I had the children on side so Scrooge had to back down (sorry about the early Christmas reference but there’s no other word to describe him).

Well I’m pleased to say we have finally come to a happy compromise and the heating comes on for a few hours in the morning and again in the evening and all day when Michael isn’t at home! But I do understand, gas and electricity are so expensive these days and I bet once the first winter bill comes through, I’ll be back in the legwarmers.