It’s amazing how we’ve all become reliant on automobiles over the last decade. When I was growing up, a car was a novelty for me as I simply didn’t know many people who had one. My gran and grandad didn’t drive, neither did my mum and even when mother married my step-dad, we couldn’t afford one. And when we did eventually get one, it was a second hand green Skoda which would always break down and we’d have the embarrassment of having to push start it on cold mornings before going anywhere. In short, our family heavily relied on public transport for everything and it was a way of life. We’d jump on the bus to see my grandparents, get to school, go shopping or visit the doctor. I didn’t mind at all and just got on with it and like to jump on the bus and train even now as it’s so convenient, it helps the environment and I don’t have to tussle for a parking space if I’m heading into Kingston.

Well over the last few weeks, my oyster card has been topped up regularly as we managed to sell our car but hadn’t thought about a replacement one in time! So, whilst we were in the process of looking for another, we had a few weeks of jumping on and off buses much to my children’s fun and excitement. They love getting the bus anyway, but to have to get on a bus and train non-stop was even better! What I love about travelling on public transport is that you see the world from a totally different perspective, you take time to look around and see the buildings that surround you. Plus, there’s the bonus of interacting with new people, including some very friendly bus drivers who the children like to say hello to. I saved money too, because I only bought what I really needed as carrying too much shopping on a bus makes you a tad bit flustered!

We eventually did find a car we liked but I must say I did enjoy not having one for a while but I’ll keep my oyster card topped up for fun little iourneys!