I’ve woken up with a sore ear today and I feel a tad groggy. Is this what happens when you come to a realisation that summer is well and truly over and there’s no more fun to be had? Have the August blues taken a hold on me? Well, yesterday morning when I woke up, there were no birds singing or rays of sunshine filling the room, instead it was dark, cold and drivers had their car headlights on which is another sure indication of autumn drawing in. Then to top it all off, it rained so much yesterday I felt damp to the core and now I’m typing with one ear throbbing (woe is me).

I need to snap out of this lament and sluggishness and face up to the fact we are hurtling towards a new season and preparations need to be made. Today I’ll be putting away all our summer clothes and taking down the warm winter wears so at least I can feel warm and not be caught out again. Winter coats are also ready and I’m still (much to my husband’s scrooge like displeasure) toying with the idea of putting the heating on for an hour in the morning when we wake up! I also popped into Kingston to visit Holland and Barratt to stock up on some herbal remedies my grandad used to swear by to protect me from the cold. When I was younger cod liver oil was distributed on a spoon followed by some malt extract, you can only imagine my pain and the tears. Luckily, I am now in control and consume it in tablet form along with vitamins, Floradix and lots of fruit and vegetables.

All that’s left to do is to get the bed toppers out and full on pyjamas washed for those cuddly nights in. I admit I may be a bit hasty, but at least I’m prepared for Saturday nights indoors, snuggled up on the sofa with a remote in my hand.