The other day I threw on a top I had in the draw and looked at myself in the mirror, then thought I’m the epitome of frugal. The said top was bought around 2001 and I think I even wore it on CBBC a few times. Now some of you may call me tight, but it still looks good, is so comfortable and more importantly still fits! My husband will tell you I’m better with money than he is and that’s probably because growing up I remember my family being in debt. But I say that not for sympathy, but to emphasize why I’m not a big spender and like to budget!

However, this week, I had no control of expenditure. Don’t you just hate it when you’ve allocated money for certain things, then suddenly, a curve ball comes along and it all changes. Well that happened to me when I decided to snack on some nuts. The pain in one of my teeth was so bad I had to sit down for five minutes. The pain subsided and then later it was back. When I eventually got an appointment to see the dentist I was told I decay under one of my fillings and I may be needing a root canal, possibly a crown or even an implant all costing a small fortune (I call my dentist the grim reaper by the way).

Then, having put our car up for sale, we went out for the day and as we got onto the M3, a massive lorry zoomed past spraying lots of stones and low and behold, there’s a massive chip in the windscreen. We were raging and I was on the phone frantically trying to get somewhere to get it fixed. Luckily it didn’t completely ruin the day!

So yes, my tooth was sorted and only needed a replacement filling and thankfully we managed to find someone to sort the windscreen at a reasonable price so, all in all it was a pricey week but not as bad as it could have been. Here’s hoping next week will be less stressful!