The Mayor visited the Kingston/Surbiton Omni Local Business Networking Group last week and I thought you might like a photo and press release.  Madam Mayor has agreed this press release can be circulated.  
The Mayor and Consort visited the Kingston/Surbiton Omni Local Business Networking Meeting on Thursday 6th July to meet the local businesses and charities at the Antoinette Hotel for their fortnightly breakfast meeting.  
During breakfast the normal format took place where each member introduced themselves, their business, USP and outlined the type of client they can assist, whilst enjoying a delicious full English breakfast.  

This was followed by a fascinating and illuminating presentation by the Mayor outlining her aims for her year in Office, a brief history of Kingston and the Future she envisages with the assistance of all the amazing organisations, charities and businesses within the borough and the London Borough.  

The Royal Borough of Kingston has a fascinating history of development, moving with the times and now to ahead of the times, with so much already available that needs publicising and coordinating for the rest of the country and World to appreciate.

A one to one meeting took place between members followed by them assisting each other with referrals, advice and thank you’s.  

A free training seminar usually takes place, but it was replaced by a brainstorming session of how the local businesses could assist and work with the Mayor to achieve her goals in her year of office and continue into the future for a sustainable future.
John Gower started Omni Local Magazine 5 years ago, with the definition of Omni – meaning “all”, “the whole”  to assist businesses and local charities throughout the area in all possible ways; it dovetailed in perfectly with the aims of the Mayor.  

The magazine gives awareness to the local people of Kingston, Surbiton and New Malden and visitors to the area of the fabulous charities, businesses and events within their community and on their doorstep.

Followed last year by John creating the Omni Local Business Networking meetings which now number 16 groups, he offers everything to assist – advertising, social media promotion, leafletting, graphic and editorial skills, printed and on-line adverts, marketing advice and the opportunity for businesses/charities to assist each other to flourish and expand.

John sponsors numerous charities and businesses offering each month free and discounted advertising.

Article supplied by Felicity Leicester