Surbiton High School, which has been providing education in Kingston and the surrounding areas for nearly 135 years, buried a time capsule last Thursday in order to communicate directly with those who will be part of the Surbiton High School community in 2037.  

A variety of school lists, uniform, questionnaires, exam papers, and pictures were included along with the new Surbiton High School Green & Silver duck.  

The duck has become the popular symbol of the Green & Silver Club, the association for all former pupils, staff and friends of the school.  

The time capsule is buried under a stunning Green and Silver Tree donated by Ann Haydon who has been Principal of the School since 2008.  She commented that it was her sincere hope that those who open it in 2037 will enjoy a real sense of the school as it is today - “the vitality, sense of fun, sense of commitment and energy, and the legendary Surbiton ‘can do’ spirit”!

Further details about joining the Green & Silver Club are available from Polly Rumbold or

Article supplied by Polly Rumbold