MUM ABOUT TOWN Thursday 22nd June 2017

Cor Blimey it ain’t half hot! I’m literally sweltering as I write this and am hoping I don’t finish looking like a giant prune!! I mean during this week of unprecedented scorching temperatures which were last experienced all the way back in 1976, the weather has been one of the many topics, albeit not as important, that’s monopolised people’s conversation. I’ve been made to talk about the climate with anyone I encounter, be it neighbour, friend, stranger or colleague. All emails I’ve received have commenced with meteoritical dialogue – ‘Hope you’re enjoying the weather’ or ‘Did you know the actual temperature today?’. Phone calls are twice as long with the initial ‘chit chat’ filled with heat coping suggestions and gadgets and my husband won’t stop telling me he’s overheating and can’t manage any household chores.

I personally am a big fan of hot weather. When I was young, my gran and grandad having been born and raised Caribbean, even on a hot day in this country, would say it was cold. I used to think they were a little crazy, especially as they would wear so many layers when it was warm. It wasn’t until I eventually took a trip ‘back home’ did I understand fully what they meant. But that was different, I was on holiday laying on a beach on the other side of the world sipping a rum punch. Here, we have been running around like we usually do – shopping, picking up dry cleaning and doing the school run, only to have the sun beating down on us with no mercy of a cool breeze. So, although I can cope with the sun, these temperatures have been a test.

But if we are to believe the weather forecast for the next few days, things will slowly get back to normal and we’ll be graced with rain and storms. So, for all those complaining about the heat, well you’ll be happier with the cooler temperatures, but if I hear any more moaning about the weather…. woe betide you. And that includes you Mr Underwood!