I can just about remember the first time I was able to vote. I can’t say I was excited as such, but I do recall feeling this huge sense of responsibility being bestowed upon me and not knowing exactly what I really believed. Nevertheless, I bought a copy of all the manifestoes at that time and tried to read them to be as well informed as I possibly could. I found the process fascinating, so much so, I went on to study politics at university and now as a graduate and also having one side of my family being immersed in the political seen, I find it even more intriguing.

This morning I woke up and went through the motions of our morning routine but with a little more urgency so that we had an extra ten minutes in hand to head down to the polling station before embarking on the school run. Ever since Michael and I had children, they’ve come with us to vote so that one day, when they are eligible, they’ll think it’s important too. I had to explain that we were all expressing our right to choose the next Prime Minister who would lead us. I also explained that every single one of us have different opinions and we need to be tolerant of others beliefs and viewpoints. They both looked at me processing what I’d said with one then declaring they wouldn’t mind being the leader and the other wanting a ride in a black cab! It made me laugh and I was a little jealous of the innocence they still can enjoy.

So after today and this period of uncertainty and tragic events, hopefully we’ll move into a period of better stability whatever the outcome is. At the end of the day, we are fortunate to be able to be part of a democratic process that gives us freedom of speech and that in itself, gives me hope.