I really don’t know what to write about this week. I’m trying to remember if anything significant or fun happened and I simply can’t. That’s not to say I haven’t had a productive week because I have, it’s just been slightly uneventful. It’s making me think about the unintentional pressure we put on ourselves, not helped by the rise of social media, that we should be living some sort of uber-cool, totally crazy, jam-packed existence. I’m also getting tired of people willing their time away by wishing it was Friday – I mean, come on! Let’s enjoy every moment, even if it is shopping for moth killer, like I was on Sunday.

Yes, that’s the reality of it. Moth killer, pyjamas for the little ones and baking tins for some new recipes I want to try out. But do you know how much joy there was in my heart when I saw the tins I’ve been wanting for months when I walked into Lakeland in Kingston? There was enough to share out to all in the store. So what I’m basically saying is it’s the simple things in life that often make us feel amazing, and that includes me. Who cares if we’re not attending red carpet events, the opening of an envelope or bungee jumping off the Sydney Opera House – I’d rather be indoors wearing my slippers with my hair an absolute mess.

 So this week I had to stitch my son’s names in his t-shirts – once I had that done….tick! Then there were two nights set aside to catch up with admin work. I know a bit dull, but boy did I feel great after it was finished. Tick! And finally, I had to complete my column for this week’s Surrey Comet. I had no idea what to type, but I’ve managed to get something sort of coherent down………tick!