In the time that you will probably go to bed twice, wake up twice, eat six meals, spend time with friends and family and do whatever it is you do on a weekend, one determined fundraiser will be walking 160 miles non-stop.

Richard McChesney will walk around the M25 in 48 hours this weekend to raise money for the Limbless Association.

Mr McChesney, 48, of Riverside Drive, Ham, hopes his trek will raise £5,000 for the charity, which supports people who have lost limbs.

He said: “To walk any distance easily you need two arms and two legs, and a lot of people don’t have that. I do, so I thought I would use them to help those who don’t.

“I’ve done something every year for the past six years for the Limbless Association. I want to give something back to the community.”

Last year he tried the same challenge for Sport Relief, but because it was in March it was too cold at night to complete the journey without stopping.

He finished after 86 hours, including a 36-hour rest.

“I set myself a goal and didn’t make it. Now I am going back to realise that goal,” he said.

After moving to the UK from New Zealand in 2008, he first thought of cycling the route, but eventually decided to undertake a bigger challenge.

His journey will begin at 8am on Saturday (May 6) on the north east side of the Dartford Crossing, and he will travel on A and B roads alongside the M25 anticlockwise.

Last October, he undertook his longest ever walk – a six-day race in Privas, France.

By walking 381 miles, a feat achieved with just 14 hours sleep across the six days, he is ranked the 17th best six-day race-walker in modern times.

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