Easter means different things to us all. Some of us see it as simply a holiday and for others, a time of reflection to consider why we celebrate it. For me and my family, it was a quiet few days and very relaxing which I desperately needed having had a few full on weeks with work. I remember looking out of the window and it struck me just how much the pace of life had slowed down and there wasn’t a manic rush of people trying to get from A to B. In fact, there was stillness in the air which was refreshing and eerie at the same time. We often need to be forced to be calm and regroup.

One evening over the weekend, as I was getting my eldest ready for bed, he started to ask me about dying which resulted in him getting rather upset. He wanted me to tell him I wasn’t going to die. It really broke my heart because ultimately we know how the circle of life plays out. I managed to calm him down by saying the most important thing we can do is be happy and enjoy every moment we experience right now. He soon got back to discussing how he loved having his face painted at Mercedes-Benz World earlier that day after giving me the biggest hug ever. It was really hard because all I wanted to say was that we’d be together forever, but I guess that can apply to anyone who’s close to us. It really did make me sit back and think about all those times my gran would read her prayer book to me and talk about the resurrection. She was a devout Catholic and I loved that she had faith. It gave her hope.

So whatever we think or believe; there’s nothing wrong with having hope. We’ve been hearing about so much terrible news going on in the world lately that it’s easy to lose all hope, and now, as we move towards a compelling times ahead here in this country, all we can do is hope for the best.