How far do you think you’d have to go to get the best chocolate ice cream in the UK? Cornwall? Glasgow? Well it turns out it is just around the corner.

Father and son duo Derrick and Enrico Mastrocola’s Kingstonian Quality Ice Cream Company has once again took the top prize for chocolate ice cream at the national awards.

The Glenville Road-based ice cream vendor has won the prize for the second year running.

Enrico Mastrocola said: "It is just fantastic to win the award for the best chocolate ice cream in the UK for the second year running.

"We only use the best ingredients. We import the finest cocoa from Italy and combine it with fresh cream and milk to create a really luxurious ice cream."

Zelica Carr, chief executive officer of The Ice Cream Alliance, said: “Many congratulations to Enrico and Derrick who are a wonderful example of the skill, dedication and passion required to produce the highest quality ice creams."

The pair also sell their ice cream from two vans on rounds across Kingston and also outside Richmond Park.