I seem to be one of those people that just can’t say no when I’m asked to do some madcap crazy challenge. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s become more apparent as I’ve got older. Maybe it’s the realisation that time is quickly flashing by and I need to cram as much in as possible whilst I’m still compos mentis! Mind you, the good thing about it all, is it’s given me the chance to look back and think ‘Wow! I achieved that?’ followed by a moment of absolute disbelief. For example, I couldn’t swim and have always hated the cold but still ended up jumping into ice holes in the Arctic. I’d never ridden a bike and had no sense of balance on two wheels, but managed to cycle the route of the E’tape last year. And now next week, I’m going to be singing and dancing live on television all in aid of Comic Relief on ‘Let’s Sing and Dance for Comic Relief’.

Yes, you read correctly, I’m going to be dressed up as Lady Gaga singing one of her more difficult tracks ‘Born this Way’ with four other reporters from The One Show to help raise lots of money for the charity. At first I had sleepless nights when I agreed – I mean let’s face it, I’m no popstar (well, only in the privacy of my own home). We’ve been having a few rehearsals but getting us all together has been a logistical nightmare with all our schedules, so who knows what’ll happen on the night - I’m actually starting to get worried. I’ve had the song on repeat in the car, been practicing the moves in the kitchen much to my family’s amusement, but there’s nothing like the bright lights and the big stage to make you forget it all. Fingers crossed I don’t fall over in my platform shoes.

Anyway, if you do tune in to watch, please don’t feel obliged to vote for me as all the money goes into the same pot and you could be doing me and the nation a good service by stopping me from having to perform again in the final. Here’s hoping I decide to relax for the rest of Spring and I manage to resist any other propositions. Methinks this may be impossible!