So if I were to ask you who your favourite character from any book was and why, who would you say? Now this could be deemed as a bit of a tricky question really, especially if you’re an avid reader. Maybe it would be Dorian Gray from one of Oscar Wilde’s masterpieces, the cunning Lady Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s leading ladies or perhaps the most famous boy wizard ever, Harry Potter. ard to have ever existed, n'er is and why, who would you say? Could be a tricky one to nail To be honest, I’ve only recently started becoming a book worm as I wasn’t encouraged to read when I was growing up, but I do love getting stuck into a great book and want my little ones to get into the habit whilst they’re young. I know for a fact, that when I’m reading more, I feel relaxed and my vocabulary improves and that’s why we read to our children every night and hopefully this will benefit them now and in later life.

One way to get our future generations imaginations going is the celebration of World Book Day that happened this week. Having had links with it over the years and knowing what it’s about, I think it’s a fantastic idea and it’s getting more and more popular. So this year, now the little ones are older and aware of what’s going on, excitement levels have been high. This has been mainly caused by the fact they had to wear a costume at school on the big day. So much choice and so little time; it was always going to be a difficult decision. Now, anyone with children will understand how important this decision can be. It’s the talk of the playground and you don’t want to psychologically damage your children by dressing them in something you want, rather than letting them choose themselves, no matter how hard it is to relinquish control. My children changed their minds a few times about who they wanted to be and we finally settled on a minion and Spiderman. Phew! I didn’t have to build a massive peach out of paper Mache and orange tissue paper.

Well at least we adults don’t have to dress up on the day, although I’m now thinking it would be a great theme for a fancy dress party especially as Michael is a big fan of the Grinch!