Kingston's very own Sam Holness is on a mission! The self-styled ‘Autistic Triathlete’ is taking on the brand new Superhero Tri in August to help motivate others with autism to take up sport.

Big, bold and gutsy, Superhero Tri is the debut event in the Superhero Series, the only sports series dedicated the ‘Everyday Superhero’ – the UK’s 12 million people with disabilities and long-term injuries.

Sam will be joining over a thousand Superheroes who have already signed up for the event at Dorney Lake on 19 August, as well as a whole host of Paralympians and TV personalities – from the Last Leg’s Adam Hills to new sporting superstar Kadeena Cox.

Twenty celebrities in all will be taking part to show their support for a series that throws out restrictive equipment rules and regulations to give people with all kinds of disabilities the chance to find their inner superpower and achieve an inspirational goal.

“I want to show that people with autism can participate in sport and that we can do it well,” explains Sam, who is currently doing a sports coaching degree. “I hope others with learning difficulties try sport because it will give them more confidence.”

The unique Superhero Tri challenges are designed to encourage Everyday Superheroes to unite with family and friends to take part in a triathlon with as much or as little support as they need. Sam will be taking on the Full Superhero Tri Solo (750m swim, 20k bike, 5k push/run) with his Dad as his ‘Sidekick’.

Sam’s Super Skills: • Earth years: “23”

• Mission: “To be known as the Autistic Triathlete and to motivate others to take up sport.”

• Ever done anything like this before? “Yes, I did my first Sprint Tri at Dorney Lake in 2016.”

• Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I am autistic and have social interaction and communication challenges and I like triathlon because I can do it on my own.”

• Sporting super-stripes? “Sport has always been a little challenging for me, but I learnt to ice-skate and play hockey at 13 and I’ve been swimming from the age of 3. I also do Judo and started running in 2014 to help improve my social and fine motor skills. My dad and I then decided to try triathlons. I’m currently doing a sports coaching degree and when I graduate I’d like to train other people who have learning difficulties. I would love to participate in triathlons and sport for the rest of my life because it gives me confidence and keeps me fit.”

• What you’re most looking forward to: “Doing the cycling with Homer Simpson (my Dad).”

• Your Kryptonite: “When I encounter new situations my words malfunction.”

• Your gadget of choice? “My triathlon watch.”

• Your Superpower: “Never giving up.”

Paralympian and Superhero Series founder Sophia Warner said “I am thrilled that so many Everyday Superheroes now have the opportunity to come together and compete alongside like-minded individuals. My own experiences, combined with meeting many sports lovers like Sam over the years who are crying out for more opportunities are the inspiration for this series.”

There is also the opportunity for Everyday Superheroes to compete alongside celebrities in the Celebrity Superhero Tri. 20 Team Captains including Paralympian Sophie Christiansen and TV personality Adam Hills are taking part, with more Team Captains to be announced in the coming months. The Team Captains will be completing one stage of the Celebrity Superhero Tri relay (150m swim, 3k bike, 1k push/rush) and are putting a call out to the nation to win a place on their relay teams.

There are three ways to take part in the Superhero Series; • Team up – do one stage each. Unite with family and friends (disabled and non-disabled) to share the work and the fun.

• Grab a Sidekick – a world 1st! This is a unique chance for a Sidekick (a Superhero helper) to tow a friend or loved one in the water and push or pull them around the bike & push/run stages.

• Fly solo – for those who want to take on all three triathlon stages. Everyone entering a solo event must consider themselves to have a disability. Details of an elite race will be announced Jan 2017.

To find out more about Superhero Series or to register visit and @superherotri on twitter.

Article supplied by Ellie Boyle