A car fanatic who killed Kingston University student Hina Shamim after mowing her down in his BMW while “showing off” to another driver posted a video online of two of the luxury sports cars racing after she was killed.

Surrey Comet:

Tributes left by Hina's friends, who knew her as Hyena, at the scene of the crash

Farid Reza, 32, who was today found guilty of killing 21-year-old student Miss Shamim by death by dangerous driving, published a BMW promotional video on his Facebook page of two cars racing in September last year.

Reza had been "showing off" his own white BMW convertible - similar to the car shown in the video – in Penrhyn Road on March 31, 2015 when he hit and killed Miss Shamim. 

William Spicer, 28 who was also driving a luxury BMW directly behind Reza at double the speed limit, had himself posted a picture of him appearing to be eating a pizza behind the wheel of a car on his Facebook page.

From today: Speeding BMW driver jailed for 5 years and 3 months for mowing down Kingston Uni student Hina Shamim

Reza was jailed for five years and three months for causing death by dangerous driving after a two week trial at the Old Bailey, which concluded today.

He was given a three year sentence, to run concurrently, for causing serious injury to a child in his car.

Spicer was found guilty of careless driving.

The pair were driving at more than double the 30mph speed limit when Reza’s BMW careered into Miss Shamim before hitting a passing bus.

Such was the force of the crash, pictures taken in its aftermath showed the front end of Reza BMW’s destroyed by the crash.

Reza was carrying five children in the car, meaning at least one of the passengers was not wearing a seatbelt.

The latest models of the luxury saloons driven by the two men can hit speeds of more than 150mph and accelerate from 0-60mph in just under five seconds.

Surrey Comet:

William Spicer, 28, posted this photo eating pizza at the wheel of his car

Reza was also found guilty of causing serious injury to one of the children, who suffered a fractured skull, a fractured jaw bone and a fractured collar bone.

As well as the video, Reza had also posted images of himself posing in the high performance BMW in the months before the crash.

In sentencing Reza, Judge Richard Marx said his "remorse" was undermined by the fact Reza denied killing Miss Shamim.

Reza pleaded for forgiveness with the family in the courtroom after the jury convicted him.

Miss Shamim was in her final year as a sports science student when she was killed. She lived opposite the university campus in Penrhyn Road and was on her way to the library to study for her final exams.

A statement from her brother Hida read to the court during the trial said Miss Shamim was looking forward to working in Kingston after graduating.