A former Kingston University student has given one of Kingston Hospitals’ waiting rooms a colourful makeover.

Lili Giacobino used 11 kg of Duplo, 50 Lego base plates and 44 giant Lego blocks to transform the Princess Alexandra’s waiting room, in a bid to improve the experience of patients.

She said: “I am pretty sure that it is not just children who will enjoy this giant LEGO wall, adults will too.”

This is not the only place where Ms Giacobino has left her creative mark at the hospital. She has already transformed another wing, the staff room, recovery room as well as the corridors.

She also covered the ceilings of the two maternity theaters at the hospital with flowers and hundreds of butterflies, because she “wanted to improve the time that patients spent in this room, by being distracted or having something to focus on.

“If the patient could feel more relaxed and calm, I believe that it is easier for the staff, improving the whole experience for everyone.

“Those projects are very meaningful for me and I am happy to know that it can somehow make a difference in people’s life, during a potentially stressful time.” Ms Giacobino, who started her own furniture company in 2005, moved to the UK from Switzerland in 2008 to study product and furniture design at Kingston University, and eventually graduated with a BA in both Product and Furniture Design and Social Work.

In her words, “a designer doesn’t just change the wall colour or the furniture layout, he or she improves the way you feel within a space.

“The main goal is to make people feel happier.”