A contemporary dance performance dreamed by a Kingston University student is set to wow art lovers in Soho.

Kingston University fashion student Nigel Guérin-Garnett says he woke at exactly 3.44am one night and scribbled down a vivid dream. 

After a crowdfunding campaign through website GoFundMe.com raised £1405, his dream is being brought to life at the Vinyl Factory, Soho.

The MA show, titled LIVE, was made in conjunction with a recently graduated crop of students and the dance, on the eve of London fashion week, with focus around Mr Guérin-Garnett’s bespoke costume pieces.

He said: “I started dancing at the age of six and it’s such an odd thing –you’re not like an artist or a writer who can put the paintbrush or the pencil down, it’s in you all the time.

“You dream in dance and you cannot separate yourself from it.

“I like that the course at Kingston University isn’t just about making a collection too – it recognises that fashion needs an injection of something more, which is what I’ve tried to bring.”