Tolworth Greenway could be given a new pedestrian crossing some two years after it was first proposed.

The pelican crossing is likely to be placed near Marks and Spencer. Residents were asked in autumn 2014 what they wanted changed about the pathway and the crossing stood out among 11 key requests.

It will cost up to £120,000, Alexandra ward councillor Richard Hudson said.

He added: “We wanted to have the crossing right down the middle, but unfortunately [the Greenway] doesn’t meet the Transport for London standard for width.”

The path is so narrow at its middle stretch that pedestrians could not wait safely before crossing, Cllr Hudson said.

From 2014: New £110,000 pedestrian crossing for Tolworth greenway?

City Hall’s transport bosses will have final sign-off on the plans if councillors decide to approve them.

Money to build the crossing has been allocated from Kingston Council’s pot of Section 106 funding, which is paid by developers during the planning application process.

South of the borough councillors will vote on the plan next week, while Surbiton councillors will vote on September 27.

Subject to approval, residents and businesses will be consulted before a further vote at the Residents Committee.