This shocking video shows a road-rage driver hurling a tirade of abuse at a Kingston cyclist after swerving in front of him and cutting him off.

The video surfaced on the same day that BBC presenter Jeremy Vine revealed he had been the target of a terrifying road rage incident as he cycled in central London.

Dave Williams, 48, said he was cycling at about 20mph in Elm Road when he tapped a Peugeot 206 cabriolet with his hand, to let the driver know he was too close.

But instead of moving away, the driver can be seen swerving into Mr Williams’ path, speeding up and then stopping suddenly next to a parked car, blocking the cyclist in.

While opera music blares out of the stereo, the driver gets out and shouts: “F***ing idiot, f***ing idiot. You’re a f***ing idiot."

When a jogger runs past and shouts, “He’s not worth it,” the balding motorist gets back in his vehicle – but he soon jumps out again to remonstrate further with Mr Williams.

Wearing a black t-shirt emblazoned with the words, “Our weather is being engineered. Seek the truth,” he screams: “I kept right over to the right hand side.

"If you noticed I kept right over to the right hand side. You kept f***ing going. You deliberately went in.”

Mr Williams, who can be heard repeatedly shouting "Get back", claims he felt so threatened during the encounter that he brandished his D-lock above his head to keep the driver away.

He told this website: “As a cyclist cars getting too close happens a lot but I have never had someone threaten me quite like this.

“If someone gets too close I will give them a little tap. I was cycling at about 20mph, the speed limit, but this guy just thought he could not wait.

"I was really shocked.

“You can see I am holding my D-lock above my head because I was so threatened."

The driver has been given a caution after the June 9 row and Mr Williams released the footage today as a warning to drivers and cyclists.

Mr Williams, a member of Kingston Cycling Campaign, said: "A caution is not as harsh a punishment as he deserved.

"I would have liked to have seen him charged and fined.

“As a cyclist I know this happens far too often. I am making a stand for my safety and the safety of other cyclists. Drivers please keep away."