Jeremy Corbyn supporters are venting their fury at a parody Twitter account that pokes fun at the far left-leaning Labour leader and the group that exists to promote him.

@MomentumSurb has racked up more than 500 followers, and has had almost as many complaints, after a series of tweets in which they call themselves "100 per cert copperplated gold standard Corbyn fanatics" and brand the people who oppose them "bastards".

The account claims it is the "best thing to come out of Surbiton since the A3."

It adds: "The women make the tea, the men make the decisions. Same as in #Corbyn's office. #CanJezwee."

But one of the women behind the account says it was set up for serious reasons.

She said: “It’s impossible to argue with Corbyn supporters as many of them - not all but a lot of them - behave as if they're part of a cult.

“They will accept no criticism and truly seem to believe Jeremy can do no wrong. We are a few Labour Party members who think Corbyn is doing immense harm to the party.

“We are the voice of the moderates. The only way to make our point was to parody the way some Corbynites talk.

“Everything we tweet is taken from a forum or comment made by a real Corbyn supporter and it's interesting how some have assumed such comments were made entirely seriously.”

Momentum is a grassroots Labour group that exists to "build on the energy and enthusiasm from the Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader campaign".

Suspicions were raised about the validity of the Surbiton account after a series of seemingly sarcastic tweets.

One read: "Momentum is running this LabourLeadership election so if you don't vote Corbyn we will know AND WE WILL FIND YOU!!!!!."

Referencing the furore surrounding Sadiq Khan’s name being booed at a Corbyn rally in north London on Sunday night the account tweeted: "With everyone in London now HATING #SadiqKhan the rally for #Corbyn in #Kilburn tonight will be ELECTRIC! Take spare underwear if yr going!"

The people behind the account, who say they live in and around Surbiton, want to draw attention to the aggression of some Corbyn supporters, including perceived anti-Semitism in the party.

An account administrator told the Comet: “We were horrified our local Labour party voted to support Corbyn in the leadership election.

"That is not the way to win people back and the idea that Surbiton people would ever vote for Corbyn is laughable.”

The people behind the account have been branded "trolls".

One Corbyn backer asked on Twitter: "Why would anyone play such immature games? Ridiculous."

This is not the first time the Momentum has caused a stir in the borough.

Earlier in the year Kingston based children’s charity Momentum found itself on the receiving end of pro and anti-Corbyn phone calls.

The official Momentum political group did not immediately respond for a request to comment.