Commuters cannot pay for Southern train tickets by card this morning after a series of electrical problems which have left trains running at least 15 minutes late.

An electrical fault closed tracks between Caterham and Purley at about 6am.

Lines have now reopened but there are residual delays of at least 15 minutes on some services.

An unrelated electrical issue means Southern ticket machines cannot accept Visa or credit card payments.

A Southern Rail spokeswoman tweeted: “We have received reports that some stations and ticket machines are unable to accepted card payments. We are working to resolve this asap.”

She later added: “Tickets can be purchased by cash, from the conductor, or at your destination. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

Southern Rail is still embroiled in a bitter dispute with staff over working conditions and responsibilities.

An amended timetable is in place. Details can be found on the Southern Rail website.