House sellers in Kingston are feeling the post Brexit market slump more than any other borough.

More than a third of properties for sale in the borough have been reduced in price since Britain voted to leave the EU in June.

The average price of a Kingston home has been slashed by £54,676, according to property website Zoopla.

The proportion of London sellers who have reduced their asking prices is up from just 4.29 per cent pre referendum to 30.66 per cent.

In Kingston 35.4 per cent of homes are reduced.

Lawrence Hall, from Zoopla, said: “The total number of properties on the market with a reduction has risen since April, but discounts are way off their peak and not as high as one might have predicted given the EU Referendum outcome.

“However, where there are bargains to be had, this could present a good opportunity for those first time buyers lucky enough to have saved the required deposit.”