FUNDRAISERS taking on arduous athletic feats for charity is nothing new.

But a Surbiton man has taken the idea to another level as he plans in two weeks’ time to ride a push-along scooter 122 miles without any training.

Brett Alderton, 38, hopes to raise £1,248 for Creative Youth, the charity that organises the International Youth Arts Festival, by scooting from Surbiton to Swanage.

The trip takes about three hours in a car. Mr Alderton is hoping he can complete it in as many days. Laid-back Mr Alderton has not even purchased his scooter yet.

He said: “I’m giving myself two to three days. I’m going to go until it’s dark and then sample the local hospitality.

“I haven’t done any training. I guess I will have to swap legs as I’m going or just come back with one massive one.”

This is not the first time Mr Alderton has taken on an unusual challenge. In 2014 he raised £2,000 by playing swingball for 24 hours at the Lamb pub.

Mr Alderton plans to set off on his latest adventure on August 18.

He said: “Swanage seems to be the spiritual home of anyone from Surbiton who wants to be by the sea. It’s like Surbiton-on-sea. I will be on my own.”