An outline planning application for 705 new homes in Tolworth has been refused, five votes to six.

Developers Meyer Burgman failed in their bid to convince Kingston’s development control committee that the former Toby Jug site could accommodate the development, which also included a doctor’s surgery, nursery and shop.

The main reason for refusal was the impact that the plans would have on traffic near and around Tolworth roundabout.

This was despite Transport for London supporting the proposal.

Conservative councillor Jack Cheetham argued that he could not approve the outline proposal as the amount of units, parking spaces, density and levels of affordable housing had not been agreed.

He said: “How can we possibly confirm or refuse something where the numbers are not confirmed?

“It makes me question why the applicant has even given us an outline to consider.”

Councillor Lorraine Rolfe added that TfL had not taken into account the number of cars the nearby Lidl proposal would also bring to the area.

Councillors also complained about the density of the site not being in keeping with Tolworth despite the fact developers removed the two tallest 15 and 18-storey tower blocks.

Alexandra ward councillor Chris Hayes said: “We welcome the climb down in height but at 705 home the application is [too dense].

“We say Tolworth deserves better.”

A representative for Meyer Burgman said: “This proposal is deliverable and will bring life back to Tolworth.

"It will prove the homes and jobs that are going to be needed.

“It has extremely strong planning merits.”