Proposals to build a 10.5m phone mast outside a north Kingston estate have re-emerged, seeing campaigners brand the mast as an “accident waiting to happen”.

Mobile phone firm Vodafone first proposed building a 12.5m mast in a grass verge near the Scout Hut in Park Road more than a year ago, but this was met by fierce protests from residents.

More than 500 people signed a petition against its erection.

Residents of the estate have held numerous meetings in protest since the amended proposals emerged last month.

The revised plans show the mast roughly 50m from the original spot outside the former Richmond Park Tavern.

Mum-of-two Emma Holliday, 46, said: “It will be an accident waiting to happen, it is already a dangerous stretch of road and it is a blind corner to both vehicles and pedestrians as they negotiate this bend in the road. It is a very dangerous proposal.

"An obvious concern to highlight is that it will be an ugly eyesore set in an attractive residential area that will blight our landscape."

Vodafone previously applied to Kingston Council to put up a mast outside the former Richmond Park Tavern, but the application was rejected by Kingston Council as it “would harm the character and the appearance of the area”.

The new plans are yet to be submitted to the council.