Kingston and Surbiton MP James Berry plans to publish a report to urge Government to take action on acid attacks, following the trial of Old Malden man Billy Midmore.

Midmore was today found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent at Southampton Crown Court, after an acid attack on Carla Whitlock.

The mother-of-six was left blind in one eye and with permanent scarring to her face after acid was thrown at her on September 18, last year.

Mr Berry said: "This is a horrific case. Acid attacks leave victims with a life sentence that the perpetrators rarely receive.

"This terrible case has prompted me to write a report calling on the government and industry to take more effective action on acid attacks which I will publish shortly."

Following the conviction, Kerry Maylin, principal crown advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service Wessex, said: "Billy and Geoffrey Midmore launched a vicious attack on Carla Whitlock that left her disfigured, her face scarred and the permanent loss of sight in one eye .

"Only an hour following the attack they could be seen on the CCTV of the train high five-ing and fist bumping. They were not sorry, they were jubilant.

"The jury at Southampton Crown Court heard how the two brothers had planned their attack by visiting DIY stores to purchase drain cleaner.

"The one they chose was highly concentrated in sulphuric acid and there is no doubt that their intention was to cause serious harm.

"Their motive was a drug deal that had gone wrong, which the brothers said involved Ms Whitlock, in which they ended up having drugs and money taken.

"Thinking that Ms Whitlock was responsible they attacked her in the evening, in the busy town centre of Southampton.

"Nothing justifies the crime they committed on Ms Whitlock. She suffered greatly from her injuries at the time of her attack and her scars will always be a reminder of what the Midmore brothers did to her.

"We would like to thank all the witnesses who gave evidence in this case and we hope that with these convictions Ms Whitlock will now be able to move on with her life."

Midmore and his brother Geoffrey, who pleaded guilty to the same charge in November, will be sentenced at a later date.