A demonstration against the first Catholic service to be held at Hampton Court Palace in more than 450 years is taking place this afternoon.

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Organised by the Protestant Truth Society, a number of Protestant clergy led the protest on Hampton Court Bridge at 1.30pm today.

One of the speakers said: "The Church of England was founded upon the truth of the scriptures.

"Indeed, the very first bishops of the Church of England were burnt at the stake because they refused to compromise on the truth of God’s word."

Demonstrator Eve Hammond displays a placard

The group held up signs carrying slogans including "The Church of England is denying its own faith!!!" and "Reversing the Protestant Reformation".

Teddington’s Christ Church pastor Reverend Dominic Stockford, who was a candidate in May’s General Election, is part of the group of demonstrators.

Rev Peter Simpson, Eve Hammond and Rev Dominic Stockford at the protest

Historic Royal Palaces announced last month that the palace’s Chapel Royal would host its first Catholic service since the Reformation this afternoon.

It has been contacted for a comment.

The service will be celebrated by His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols and represents an unprecedented coming together of the Catholic and Anglican churches.

The palace’s Chapel Royal hosted its first Catholic service since the Reformation

Twickenham MP Tania Mathias said: "I have supported and attended interfaith services in the past and I am glad that Hampton Court Palace will host inspiring leaders of both the Catholic Church and the Church of England in the same service.

"The Chapel Royal has great history and I hope that this will be a peaceful and important occasion for our area."