Surbiton has firmly established itself as a place where sharing ideas and using community space to be creative is the norm.

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From Ski Sunday to unique festivals, a heartfelt quirky stamp is firmly on the town which welcomes varied explorations of creativity.

One of the more recent projects aims to give a helping hand while providing a space to work, think up grand ideas and support business expansion.

This is the Museum of Futures, set up by the Community Brain, which took over the old detective agency shop in Brighton Road.

Community brain director Robin Hutchinson said: "We are really, really pleased with the way it's started. We've had about 30 start-up businesses and designers and other areas that have used the space already which has been great as well as a series of lectures and public talks which has allowed a lot of people to come in and understand what it's all about."

It provides a platform for people to use equipment and a specific area to create things they would not otherwise have a place to.

A £17,000 grant from the Mayor of London's high street fund helped kick things off, and people, groups and businesses have already made use of the facilities.

The latest project is the community kitchen - a place to work together and provide space for businesses wanting to bake and cater in the area.

During the past few weeks volunteers have been setting up and painting the kitchen.

Mr Hutchinson said the group hopes the kitchen will be ready by mid-April, in time for the Surbiton Food Festival in May.

He added: "It's been really positive. You never know with these things, they can always create different reactions, but generally speaking everybody who's been through the door have been positive."